FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Have you considered all the things that could go wrong with a house? Since so many problems are not obvious, it can be scary - especially when you plan to invest so much money. At Property Facts Home and Energy Inspections we provide you with answers to some very important questions.
Why should I have a home inspection?
Identify problems that could cost you money later
Learn valuable maintenance tips
Protect your investment and money
Become familiar with a home or property before you purchase or sell
Some of the typical problems that home inspectors uncover:
Roof shingle damage
Leaking basement
Improper drainage around home due to improper grading
Poor attic or crawlspace ventilation
Missing or inadequate downspouts and gutters
Faulty wiring
Amateur workmanship
Improperly installed building material
What kind of report will I receive?
A summary is completed on-site after each inspection to provide immediate feedback followed by a complete written analysis tailored to fit each home
The inspector reviews the report with you to discuss any concerns
Information on safety issues, life expectancy of appliances and systems, insulation, and on-going maintenance tips are provided with your complete report
When can you come out to inspect my house?
Usually, within 48 hours, and often sooner.
How long does a home inspection take?
Typically, 2-4 hours.
How will the inspection be conducted?
A professional home inspector conducts a thorough visual examination of the property
You can expect your Property Facts Home Inspector to get on the roof (weather permitting), into the attic (if accessible), and into crawlspaces (again, if accessible)
You accompany the inspector so you can ask questions and take notes (but probably not onto the roof!)
Most inspections take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and age of the house or property
See Our Reports for a more complete list of items evaluated
How much will an inspection cost?
Several factors are evaluated to determine the cost of an inspection:
The size of the home in square feet
If there is a basement or crawl space
The age of the home
Number of bathrooms and kitchens
Number of mechanical systems (large homes often have more than one heating system)
Termite and wood-boring insect inspections
Carbon monoxide testing is included free with every complete home inspection
Special services such as radon, water, or well testing are priced separately
Call Property Facts Home and Energy Inspections for a free estimate for a free estimate
Why guess when you can have the facts?
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