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Reasons why home owners should have an energy inspection:
Energy improvements are unique because they reduce energy bills thereby increasing disposable income.
Energy improvements can increase the value of your home or business
Energy improvements may qualify for tax credits for your home or business
The information gathered during the energy audit is analyzed using specialized software to produce a comprehensive Home Energy Tune-uP® & Report. The Report shows which energy-efficiency improvements would reduce energy costs and make the home more comfortable. The analysis takes into account regional variables such as local weather, implementation costs, and fuel prices.
The Report contains estimates of the savings, costs and payback for each energy-efficiency recommendation. It identifies the group of improvements that, if financed, will save more on energy bills than it costs. These are the improvements that everyone can make since they require no out-of-pocket cost when financed.
The detailed Recommendations section enables contractors to provide preliminary cost estimates without a visit to your home. It also explains how to get the best energy savings from these improvements by listing related no-cost or low-cost measures that you can take.
The improvements listed in the Improvements that Save More than they Cost section of the Tune-uP® Report will automatically qualify for financing since they increase the value of the house without reducing disposable income.
Financing energy efficiency improvements as part of your home mortgage is the best way to go. You have the advantage of (1)low monthly payments due to a 30-year term and a relatively low interest rate; and (2) interest that is deductible from your income tax.
The FHA Streamlined (k) Limited Repair Program is intended to facilitate uncomplicated rehabilitation and/or improvements to a home for which plans, consultants, engineers and/or architects are not required.
The unsecured Fannie Mae Energy Loan for $1,000 to $20,000 is available from a few lenders. The Energy Loan 10-year term and interest rates are generally better than those offered by contractors or suppliers, though not as good as the Streamlined (K).
Some electric or gas utilities offer financing for energy efficiency improvements, as well as rebates for energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems. Check your utilities’ website for more information about financing and rebates that may be available.
Contact your mortgage lender or local utility company to see if you qualify for any of these programs.
Why guess when you can have the facts?
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